Galapagos-Trip of a lifetime...hassle free with the help of JB Journeys.

One of the smartest things I’ve done recently is, upon being asked to accompany a life-long friend to the Galapagos to celebrate turning 60, to call Jean at JB Journeys to put the trip together for us!  EVERY question and every need was answered.  We wanted to see as much wildlife as possible, snorkel in warmish waters, find the best island itinerary (which is highly controlled by their national park service), reduce the possibilities of sea sickness, and get our money's worth!  The second smartest thing I did, and would recommend to anybody else, is to put our own group together so we could have a catamaran to ourselves! Everybody on our 12 passenger cruise knew at least one person in the group, and we all parted as friends!  Some in our group wanted to extend our trip into the Amazon and Andes, done!  Trip of a lifetime, all of our wants met, easy and hassle free with the help of JB Journeys.  

The cruise itself was beyond this wildlife lovers dreams!  Where else can you snorkel with penguins and then see flamingos? Spend the night in a camp surrounded by the giant Galapagos Tortoises, and then get to actually see them grazing in the wild the next day?  We hiked, snorkeled and kayaked to our hearts delight, were well fed, had two naturalist guides for our group of 12, and never tired of the scenery, life on the boat, in the water and hiking the islands.  The only problem?  What’s the opposite of homesickness?  Galapagosmissness????

Sandra S. April 2015